• Wide measurement range

​          HD350-A and HD350-B covers different measurement range​

            HD350-A:0.3 - 10 m
            HD350-B:0.15 - 4 m

  • For screen mode can be selected  

Tank Measurement Image

  • Mask function

          Unnecessary signal can be eliminated from the received signal by manually.
          Echo signal from existing structure positioned between sensor and target cause
          Echo interference. Mask function removes these unnecessary echo effectively.


  • Interface

          Three interface methods are prepared for remote operation.

         1) RS-485 (MODBUS protocol)
         2) 4 - 20 mA current output
         3) Contact points (relay output)  


Level control of liquid, powder or grain in a tank
Level measurement of lakes, ponds or rivers



Model HD350-A HD350-B
Channel 1 CH
Frequency 50kHz 100kHz
Measurement Object liquid, powder, particulate
Measurement range 0.3~10m 0.15~4m
Resolution 1 mm 
Accuracy ±0.25%F.S. 
Data update cycle 0.5 sec
Sensor directive angle (beam angle) 14°(-6dB) / 10°(-3dB)
Power source Voltage DC12 - 24V
Power consumption 3W
Display Graphic LCD 
Output Alarm output 
(contact point)
1 point each top/ bottom 
NPN open collector
4-20 mA current Resolution: 12 bit 
(Max. load 500Ω 24V)
Interface RS-485 (max. distance:1200 m)
Operation temperature -20 to 70 deg C
Material PP
Protection IP65 level (without cap: IP20 level)
Dimension dia. 93 x 110 mm
Cord length 10 m 
Weight 350 g 
Screw G2 
  • Option: 30 m cord 

Do not use metalnut or metal flange. It may cause error on measurement. 
* Please usenut or flange that made of plastic.

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